Beech Hollow Hiking Trail

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Beech Hollow gets you into the Portneuf Mountains that surround Lava Hot Springs!  You will need a vehicle that can drive on a dirt road.  There is a parking area when you get to the trailhead at the end of the dirt road.  There is an elevation gain, so don’t use this trail when the dirt road is likely to be muddy. This hiking area is usually good to go from Memorial Day weekend through October.


Once you have parked at the end of the dirt road, you will find a trailhead that leads to beautiful mountain areas.  You can hike up to the Portneuf Mountain peaks, or enjoy the paths that line the lower mountain areas.

Here’s how you get there:


From Lava Hot Springs, drive up to HWY 30 and turn west, heading toward McCammon.  In just a few seconds, you will pass by the Sunny Side Gas Station, and within half a mile, you will see this sign near Sunny Side Road:


Turn right on to Sunny Side road.

After half a mile or so on Sunny Side Road you will see this sign:

Notice the arrow on the sign.  The road forks and you should take the road to the left.  You will come upon a couple of fences.  Open the fence, drive through, and then close the fence behind you.  This helps keep the cows where they should be!  You will drive out of cow country as you climb higher on the dirt road.  This drive is really beautiful in the autumn:

You will be on this dirt road, rising in elevation, for about four miles.  When you get to the top of the dirt road and park in the designated area, walk up the path just a few yards and you will see this:

Now walk on and enjoy the many paths!

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